50 O’Sullivan Rd, Rose Bay (within the grounds of Woollahra Golf Club.)

Sydney Croquet Club


In 1922, the Sydney Croquet Club formed, with 25 members by 1929. One lawn was leased at Rushcutters Bay Park for £75 pa. Prior to this, George Condon (Founder of the Club & President of Croquet Association of NSW) rented lawns for play.

During 1928-29, the Club Secretary began negotiations with Council to rent more lawns, and the first reference to the club’s name as “Sydney Croquet Club” appeared at this time. Two lawns were leased from Rushcutters Bay Park for £225 pa.

With forewarning of significant rent increases at Rushcutters Bay, during 1932-33 approaches were made to Woollahra Council for croquet club facilities in Woollahra Park. The estimated cost for two purpose build lawns there was £750.  In 1934 the construction of the Log Cabin clubhouse and the two lawns began. Meantime, the Club continued to lease lawns at Rushcutters Bay Park, and some members used private lawns in Point Piper as well as going to other Clubs to play.

Sydney Croquet Club officially began at Woollahra Park with the opening of the new Log Cabin Clubhouse on 27thApril 1935 by Mayor Latimer.  Our Rose Bowl Trophy dates from this time. Between 1935 and 1950, Sydney Club won eight A Grade and three B Grade Croquet Association of NSW Pennants.

In 1950, the Croquet Players Association (CPA) was formed.  In 1956, Sydney Club’s President, Mrs Wall,
resigned from the Club to take up a position as President of the Croquet Association of NSW, which moved its headquarters to Sydney Club.  This was around the time of a rift between the CPA and Croquet Association of NSW.   In 1959, the Croquet Association closed down at Woollahra and Sydney club became the custodians of the NSW Croquet Association Trophies and equipment after the association was disbanded and closed down following the big dispute in 1957.In 1962 Sydney Club became a social club only, not affiliated with the CPA.  Sydney did not re-affiliate with CPA (now known as Croquet NSW) until 1984. The Club became an Incorporated Association on 7 May 1989.

The Mayor of Woollahra Handicap Competition for AC players was inaugurated in 1984. During the 1990s, the Woollahra Golf Club Competition was also begun, with a $50 annual prize donated by the Golf Club for the winner. Other Association competitions were the President’s Cup (in 1995 a cup was donated by then President Richard Whalley, on the 60th anniversary of the Club), The Club Patron, and the Elston Cup for Club Champion.  These competitions still continue. In 2002, the Dorothy Abernethy Trophy event was inaugurated.  In 2005, Dorothy Abernethy donated the Sydney Club Trophy for Association

Between 2003-2006, Golf Croquet competitions were introduced (Handicap and Open Singles and Doubles).  The initial trophy was donated by then President Wendi Balbi & Club member Adelle Webster.

Sydney Club was the proud winner of Croquet NSW inaugural Division 3 Golf Croquet Pennants in 2009.

This success was followed by winning the Division 2 Golf Croquet Pennants in 2011 and 2012.