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About Croquet

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As one of the oldest recreational sports in the United Kingdom, croquet has grown to become a popular niche sport in the United States, Australia, South Africa and Canada.



Though it may seem like an easy game, the mental clarity, focus and precision required to be successful might surprise you. And the health and fitness benefits are tremendous, too

Here are some of the Health Benefits of Croquet:

  • Intellectually-challenging: Croquet combines the intellectual problem-solving of a game like chess or snooker with an element of physical activity in which skills such as precision and planning are needed to be successful.
  • A fun way to get some mild exercise: Playing croquet is a social activity that offers gentle exercise that is easy on the joints and not strenuous as well as a laugh.
  • Can be done at any age: The non-strenuous, low-impact nature of the game makes it an activity that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. It can be a shared by all generations. It does not matter your age you can play Croquet.  Our oldest Club member is 90+ and the youngest 40. It can be highly competitive, strategic, and mentally stimulating, with a major social component where you will meet new people and maybe the beginning of a friendship.
  • Being outdoors:  It just makes you feel good. Science and doctors have been telling us for years that we need to be more active and that it makes for improved mood and self-esteem, but we already know that because we play Croquet.
  • Positive attitude: Croquet encourages a positive attitude to life, specifically it encourages a “have-a-go” response to problems and an attitude of not giving up. Sports like croquet  can give players a sense of pride, and accomplishment. Participation can be especially valuable for older people, who are often excluded from mainstream sports.
  • Socialise: Playing the game is an excellent way to meet new people. Croquet clubs mix people up and put partners together when doubles are played. Men and women, older and the young play together on equal terms. There is a national competition and inter club competition if you are the competitive person.


Golf Croquet

Golf Croquet is the fastest growing version of the sport of Croquet. This is due mainly to its simplicity to learn and play, however there is a certain amount of strategic skill required to be successful. Golf Croquet is won by a player hitting their ball through each hoop. Each player takes a turn at hitting a ball in the sequence of blue, red, black, yellow to get through the hoop first. Blue and black balls play against red and yellow. The player or team that wins the most hoops is declared the winner.

Other Disciplines


Ricochet was developed in the 1980s as an easy to learn version which can easily be used as a step up to Association Croquet. It was originally developed in Adelaide, Australia by John Riches and Tom Armstrong. Ricochet has similar rules to Association Croquet with the difference being that when a ball is ricochet it remains live and two free shots are earned. This enables the strikers ball to play closer to an opponent’s ball and ricochet that as well which earns a further two free shots. In addition to these rules when a player runs a hoop they earn one free shot.

Association Croquet

Association Croquet (AC) is the traditional form of the popular garden game. It is best described as a “race” in which the players attempt to be the first to complete the course of hoops and the peg with both balls of their side. Progress is made by striking a ball with a mallet and propelling the balls through hoops in a specified order. AC is based on the concept of a “break” – as in snooker, billiards and pool – in which the right may be earned to play a succession of extra strokes. It is possible to play a break of up to 91 strokes in which the striker’s ball will have been made to pass through twelve hoops and then strike the centre peg.


Gateball is a mallet sport similar to croquet. It is a fast-paced, non-contact, highly-strategic team game, which can be played by anyone regardless of age or gender. Although relatively new in Australia, it is played by millions of people throughout Asia and South America.